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By Jana Cicmanova on 6 March 2017
After three years of hard work, eleven members of Energy Cities are now ready to share the experience developed through the Infinite Solutions project. They are providing guidance to other local and regional authorities and stakeholders for setting up innovative financing schemes to save energy in public and private buildings.

A revolving fund and internal contracting scheme set up by the German city of Stuttgart in 1995 has already allowed the municipality to finance ca. 350 energy efficiency measures in public buildings, equipment and facilities, generating financial savings of over EUR 22 million. Four European cities of all sizes, five French universities (e.g. Rennes, Clermont-Ferrand) and one hospital in Croatia have adapted the scheme to their local contexts and have already invested a total EUR 1 million in 80 energy efficiency measures.

Seven cities and regions* have set up a soft loan financing scheme for homeowners who want to carry out energy retrofitting works in their homes. Altogether they have developed strategic partnerships with 18 local banks and financing institutions as well as local energy agencies, municipal energy companies and the private sector who provide homeowners with attractive financing, technical assistance and high-quality renovation work. For example, Brussels Capital Region’s target is to issue 700 soft loans in 2017.

Soft loan schemes - Delft - ©

Stuttgart also developed a ‘care-free energy renovation package’ for homeowners. The package includes: planning, construction, operation and maintenance, financing, guarantee and risk assumption. Homeowners do not need to secure upfront financing for the replacement of the heating system. This is done by a municipal energy service company to whom the home owners pay a monthly service fee through energy supply contracting.

The three innovative financing schemes and individual case studies were presented to the +60 participants in the European training organised on 23 February 2017 in Brussels. If you missed this opportunity to hear city representatives share their experience, don’t worry, you can still catch up! You can learn more about these financing schemes while:

  • Networking at Energy Cities’ Conference on 26-28 April in Stuttgart!
    Join one of the interactive sessions, debate and learn from cities that have implemented internal contracting and soft loan schemes >

Infinite Solutions training session in Brussels, February 2017.

The Infinite Solutions project is co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union and coordinated by Energy Cities. It involves the following partners: the cities of Stuttgart (Germany), Delft (the Netherlands), Parma (Italy), Frederikshavn (Denmark), Almada (Portugal), Agueda (Portugal), Udine (Italy), the Brussels Capital Region (Belgium), Bordeaux Metropole (France), Riga Energy Agency (Latvia) and the energy agency REA Sjever (Croatia).

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