Try new DDDelicious local flavours in new issue of Energy Cities INFO

By Miriam Eisermann on 31 May 2016

There are still some days left until summer starts. Nevertheless, we already suggest the three new DDDelicious flavours that will give Europe’s energy transition a local taste: Devolution (yummy!), Democracy (dainty!), Divestment (mouth-watering!).

Our freshly-released Energy Cities INFO magazine gives you clues as to how to scale up the energy transition thanks to empowered cities, increased citizen participation and redirection of money flows. This 2016 issue features interviews, local actions, facts and figures that will doubtlessly surprise you!

Take the example of Helsinki, where Finland’s largest solar power plant is hosted on the roof of the Kivikko ski hall, owned by the municipality. As part of this project, the city utility, Helen Ltd, had the brilliant idea of inviting local residents to order their own designated panels, meaning they can benefit from solar energy without having to make large initial investments. The panels are rented for €4.40 per month and the electricity generated from them is then deducted from the customer’s bill. First tested out in one district of the capital, where the utility had built another solar plant, the panels were sold out in just a few days! Operational since April 2016, the plant has almost 3,000 solar panels, of which half have been ordered by citizens. Annual production is expected to reach 700 megawatt-hours, equivalent to the yearly electricity consumption of about 350 one-bedroom apartments.

When asked why they decided to rent the PV panels instead of introducing a net
metering system, the city utility project manager Atte Kallio replied: “We asked
our customers what they wanted and their answer was designated panels. [...]
We have promised to build more solar plants for as long as there is a demand
for them.[...] This way, our customers have a tangible impact on how electricity
is generated in our country”
, she added.

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© photo: Niklas Sandström

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