Imagine your street transformed into a beautiful green meeting place !

By Laura Guérin on 9 November 2017

How can we organise our daily lives without using our cars as much as we do today? How to make the city of tomorrow visible today?
Following the pioneer initiative from Ghent, the cities of Brussels, Milton Keynes, Ivanić-Grad, Zadar, Rotterdam, Turin and La Rochelle are co-organising Living Streets events with inhabitants, to temporarily transform streets into a sustainable place they have always dreamed of.

#UrbanGardening is one example of activities organised in the Living Streets. In Ivanić-Grad, the municipality organised exchange of pumpkin seeds among participants within the annual pumpkin fest organised in the city.

In Milton Keynes Council, Living Streets are bringing such resident’s enthusiasm to develop #CommunityProjects and strengthens communication among neighbours.

#Revitalise the city centre with shopkeepers: this is the objective of the city of La Rochelle who facilitated exchange among shopkeepers via a 2-month event organised last summer in the Saint-Nicolas district. A poster campaign featuring shopkeepers promotes cycling.

In Turin, a part of the historical centre has been closed for 2 weeks in October and transformed in a #LivingLab to experience the city without cars with activities organised by residents, associations and craftsmen together with the municipality.

In Zadar, the Living Streets were organised in a derelict area, nearby the historical city centre, with the purpose of reviving this abandoned area by bringing it back to the citizens with #Culture&Art activities.

#Experiment is also a key word in Rotterdam: the “Dream streets” are part of a bigger “city-lounge” movement, where people with streets, squares & neighbourhoods as a living room.

Living Streets brings together citizens, but is also the opportunity to gather different city department in a “participation committee”. The city of Brussels has set up such an #Interdepartmental committee and developed a Vade Mecum guide to help citizens develop their Living Streets project.

The 7 cities of the LIFE Living Streets project will be in Rennes from 18 to 20 April 2018, at the Energy Cities’ Annual Conference, to share the #Socio-economic-Impact of these experiments they are currently evaluating.
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The Living Streets project is co-funded by the LIFE programme of the European Union

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Union of Communities of Armenia (AM) Armenia | Agencia de Energia & Ambiente da Arrabida - Energy agency Portugal | Mariupol Ukraine | Cities Northern Netherlands (NL) Belgium | Lisboa E-Nova - Energy agency Portugal
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Webinar: Financing Home Renovation in Europe
Tuesday 21 November 11:00-12:30

Webinaire - Accélérer la transition énergétique
Tuesday 21 November 14:00-15:30

Voyage d’étude franco-allemand "La rénovation énergétique à l’échelle des quartiers" / Deutsch-Französische Studienreise „Energetische Quartierssanierung“
From 22 to 23 November

1st International zero waste meetings / 1ère Rencontres internationales du zéro déchet
From 23 to 25 November

Energy, Transport and Innovation (PRO) of 21ST century
From 23 to 24 November

progRESsHEAT Final dissemination webinars #4 - Making H/C systems renewable and efficient: Results from Danish and German case studies
Friday 24 November 10:30-12:00

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