Thursday 18 January 2018

Everybody to Switzerland!

Part of the team will move to Geneva for the European Energy Transition Conference, where you will have the opportunity to meet us at workshops or over a drink to discuss and share ideas. In Geneva, four INSPIRATION workshops will be organised by Energy Cities between 30th January and 1st February.

Changing to manage change
Indispensable for accelerating the energy and social transition, change management involves adopting new ways of working ranging from the community to individual levels.
In collaboration with the Club Mobilisation pour la transition énergétique led by ADEME Bourgogne Franche-Comté and Energy Cities, this workshop aims to initiate a dialogue between two organisations which are taking up the challenge: Greater Besançon and URCPIE de Bourgogne Franche-Comté.
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Metz Métropole – Worms: 5 good reasons to cooperate beyond borders!
The TANDEM project has enabled Metz Métropole and Worms to engage in “energy” cross-border cooperation since October 2015.
The two local authorities are living examples that such cooperation is possible and desirable, even in the absence of a previous twinning relationship.
Rather than presenting the history of the partnership or a few projects, the event will adopt a more active form by giving participants the top 5 good reasons to engage in cross-border cooperation in the field of the energy transition. Anecdotes and (sometimes) unexpected examples will punctuate the speakers’ presentations!
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A wind of remunicipalisation is blowing on energy
Bringing back energy under municipal control is the path chosen by European local elected representatives and citizen organisations anxious to fulfil their democratic, social and environmental aspirations.
Water, another “common good”, is sometimes held up as an example for remunicipalising the energy sector. The workshop will discuss the various possibilities without downplaying the associated risks, using the analytical key provided by Energy Cities’ exploratory study Local energy ownership in Europe (France – Germany – the United Kingdom), which analyses concrete examples from a European perspective.
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Better helping local authorities implement their energy efficiency strategy!
Launched in March 2016, the European PUBLENEF project aims to help local authorities implement energy efficiency measures by providing them with better tools.
After drawing up an inventory of local authorities’ good practices and needs, the partners have developed roadmaps specific to each local authority’s issues which encourage the implementation of local energy strategies with a particular focus on the energy retrofitting of public buildings. This session will aim to introduce conference participants to a number of issues encountered in several European countries and to the solutions that have been developed in each country, with examples from Austria, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, etc.
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