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Local energy & climate roadmaps : 5 city visions for 2050 Local energy & climate roadmaps : 5 city visions for 2050

The EU is currently designing a new 2050 strategy for reducing its GHG emissions, which should be compatible with the Paris climate agreement. On the surface, it appears as an exercise to design climate action policies, but in fact, it is much more than that. Thinking about 2050 today leads us to ask ourselves : how should our (urban) societies look like in 2050 ? How can we achieve a high quality of life while respecting our planet’s resources ? How will we share responsibilities and benefits in a transformed energy and mobility landscape ?
Many European cities have already engaged in the long-term planning for the mid-century mark. By developing their 2050 roadmaps, these cities are designing clear pathways to transform their societies to become resilient and resource-efficient, running entirely on clean energy sources and providing social and economic wellbeing to their citizens.

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Living streets - from citizen engagement to citizen ownership Living streets - from citizen engagement to citizen ownership

A guidebook for municipalities
Today, European cities face challenges in urban planning and other societal issues, such as job creation, climate change, land use, immigration and so on, but are also the best placed to find solutions. At the same time local authorities are no longer perceived to be the only actor to solve complex issues faced in cities. Local authorities, businesses and residents more than ever need each other to find creative solutions to challenge their way of thinking, acting and learning. We believe that in every city there are many people from different backgrounds, from companies, local associations and municipalities ready to join forces and search for these solutions. Through the Living Streets we bring the energy and creativity of people together and are making the city of tomorrow visible today.

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Blockchain and Energy Transition : What challenges for cities ? Blockchain and Energy Transition : What challenges for cities ?

In this study “Blockchain and Energy Transition – What challenges for cities ?”, co-funded by the French national energy agency ADEME, Energy Cities deciphers the potential role of blockchain in the local energy transition. How does it work and what does it impact concretely ? How can it be applied in local energy systems ? What are the opportunities and threats associated with this new technology that local governments should know about ? Can it strengthen cities’ role in the energy market or will it entrench the reign of the dinosaur utilities ? These questions are explored in this study, and a comprehensive overview of ongoing relevant blockchain energy projects for cities is given.

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The Energy Atlas
Facts and figures about renewables in Europe

Friends of the Earth Europe, April 2018
With the contribution of Alix Bolle, EU Affairs and campaigns, Energy Cities
Revealing the dramatic advance of renewable energy and the future shape of energy in Europe, the ’Energy Atlas’ shows how technology now available makes a 100% renewable energy system viable. It is published with the European Renewable Energies Federation, Green European Foundation (GEF), and the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.

Green city vibes - Successful renewable energy strategies & policies Green city vibes - Successful renewable energy strategies & policies

Going 100% green : latest trends at local level
There is no winning recipe, but various possible ingredients to becoming a climate neutral, fossil fuel-free or more specifically 100% renewable-powered city. Thousands of European local authorities have already made ambitious climate pledges through the EU Covenant of Mayors initiative.
More have decided to go the extra mile after committing to even bolder visions.

Created in the framework of the Renewables Networking Platform

Available in : Czech, Dutch, English, French, Polish, Slovak, Spanish

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Remunicipalisation of the local energy supply
From 28 February 2019 to 1 March 2019

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