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Energy Cities INFO magazine - spring 2017 by Energy Cities on Scribd

Energy Cities INFO magazine - Spring 2016 Energy Cities INFO magazine - Spring 2016

Democracy, Devolution, Divestment: The New Local Flavour
- Wanted: A definition for “community energy” p.5
- Carbon credits: think local! p.7
- Remunicipalisation: why and how? p.10/11

Download: PDF - 10.1 Mb

Energy Cities INFO n°43 Energy Cities INFO n°43

Vibrant, resilient cities!

  • Developing city resilience: why and how?
  • The economic impact of the energy transition
  • Local authorities and UN climate negotiations

Download: PDF - 5.2 Mb

Energy Cities INFO n°42 - spring 2014 Energy Cities INFO n°42 - spring 2014

Local leaders making the difference, Inspiration for future European policies

Download: PDF - 9 Mb

Energy Cities INFO No.41 Energy Cities INFO No.41

The hidden resources of our cities: The good news is that we have local resources all around us, just waiting to be rediscovered. This is why we have almost exclusively
dedicated this issue to local initiatives that are today paving the
way for tomorrow.

Download: PDF - 6.7 Mb

EC INFO n°40 - The energy transition, an anti-crisis solution? EC INFO n°40 - The energy transition, an anti-crisis solution?

Energy strategies:
the German model up for debate p.5, Transition towns: home to change-makers p.6, Innovative ways of sustainable energy financing p.8/9

Download: PDF - 9.4 Mb

NEW! Read the magazine on line!

NEW! Read the magazine on line!

Energy Cities Info n°35 Energy Cities Info n°35

"Energy efficiency: What if we finally turn our intentions into actions?"
Including: "3x20": Play the game, Energy challenges in New Member States, Fuel poverty ignored...

Languages : English, French

Download: PDF - 4.1 Mb

Energy Cities Info n°34 Energy Cities Info n°34

Ready for 2020 ? Including: the "3x20" and the Covenant of Mayors, Green Paper on Urban Mobility, Certifying local energy management, Grenoble’s urban renewal
European energy award®, Display® and the national legislation...

Languages : English , French

Download: PDF - 2.3 Mb

Energy Cities Info n°33 Energy Cities Info n°33

Other ways of communicating about energy and climate change do exist,
Exhibition : “Beacon regions, cities, neighbourhoods...”, The 2007 Spring
European Council, Local authorities as models: 4th BISE Forum

Languages : English , French

Download: PDF - 2.6 Mb

Energy Cities Info n°32 Energy Cities Info n°32

Local authorities are first in line ...
The new European Social Fund
1st Display® "Towards Class A" Award results
Communicating better : 12th Energy Cities conference, Brasov (RO), 25-27 April 2007

Languages : English , French

Download: PDF - 1.7 Mb

Energy Cities Info n°31 Energy Cities Info n°31

Structural funds 2007-2013 : Lets’s take action now!
IMAGINE energy for the future of European cities!
Display Towards Class A awards ceremony
Letter of Mayors to Mr Piebalgs

Languages : English/French

Download: PDF - 4 Mb

Energy Cities Info n°30 Energy Cities Info n°30

Dossier « Achieving 20% savings in energy consumption » - “Local actors working together more effectively!” 11th Conference of Energy Cities, - 2006 Display™ “Towards Class A” Award for the best communication campaigns!
campagnes de communication !

Languages : English , French

Download: PDF - 2 Mb

Energy Cities Info n°29 Energy Cities Info n°29

Au sommaire : Initiative «BISE» et
2e Forum BISE à Sofia (BG), Actualités
communautaires, Display™ première Campagne climatique
européenne pour la performance énergétique et environnementale des bâtiments publics
Langues :
Français , Anglais

Download: PDF - 2.3 Mb

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