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From 3 to 4 September 2018
Dunkerque (Dunkirk), France

Rencontres des villes du transport gratuit - Cities Meeting on Free Public Transport

Organisé par l’Agglomération de Dunkerque / Organised by the Urban Community of Dunkirk
Au 1er septembre 2018, Dunkerque deviendra la plus grande agglomération de France et d’Europe à instaurer la gratuité pour tous sur l’ensemble de son réseau de bus.
Dans le même temps, ailleurs en France et en Europe, de plus en plus de villes font ce choix pour leurs transports publics...
From the 1st of September 2018, Dunkirk (France) will become the largest French and European conurbation (with 200,000 inhabitants) to offer a totally free access to its bus network...
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From 5 to 7 September 2018
Zurich, Switzerland

Behave 2018 conference

The 5th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency
Behave aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on sustainable energy behaviour in transport, buildings and consumption of goods as well as the individual and social acceptance of sustainable technologies (e.g. renewables). In particular, the conference should act as a platform to share multi-disciplinary research on new technological developments and best practices concerning understanding and influencing
energy-related behaviours.
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From 5 to 6 September 2018
Montreuil (France)

Conférence sur les territoires pionniers de la transition énergétique en France et en Allemagne

En participant à cette conférence, vous pourrez :

  • découvrir des outils innovants pour vous aider à réaliser vos objectifs climatiques ;
  • assister à un débat politique franco-allemand pour identifier les ressemblances et différences dans la mise en œuvre de la transition énergétique locale;
  • démarrer de nouveaux projets !

Site du projet TANDEM

From 6 to 7 September 2018
Riga, Latvia

"Dealing with the past & Planning for the future - turning urban brownfields into possibilities" Baltic Urban Lab final conference

The conference will present the results of the project and discuss how cities around the Baltic Sea region can tackle better challenges related to brownfield redevelopment. Challenges in brownfield redevelopment are similar across borders: fragmented land ownership, large amount of stakeholders involved, lack of common vision or conflicting development visions, the technical, geological, and financial difficulties of remediating contaminated land as well as questions about responsibility. Close cooperation and partnerships between different actors from the beginning of the redevelopment process are key to tackle these challenges.
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Wednesday 12 September 2018 09:30-17:00
Clonmel, Tipperary County, Ireland

Citizens Leading the Energy & Climate Transition Conference

Covenant of Mayors Supporter Tipperary Energy Agency is organising this conference on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. The event which will seek to develop capacity and knowledge of key local actors, while addressing how effective collaboration and partnership can facilitate a successful climate and energy transition.
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From 13 to 14 September 2018
Lisbon, Portugal

URBACT City Festival

How can we make our cities more equal? More welcoming to newcomers? How can we increase the attractiveness of our cities and fight unemployment? Make sure that they are prepared for the climate change and resilient? How can we do all that with less? The questions that the European cities are asking themselves seem to be ever multiplying and the urgency to answer them ever growing.
This is the backdrop of the third edition of the URBACT City Festival. It will bring you the work done in the past 3 years by 20 networks and more than 210 European cities. It will showcase the results designed and tested by these networks, acting as testbeds for smart and innovative solutions for the questions above and many more.
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From 16 to 22 September 2018

Mix and Move! European Mobility Week 2018

Embracing the concept of multimodality means rethinking the way we move about our cities, and having the willingness to try out new forms of mobility. From a city’s perspective, it requires the political will to support alternative transport methods.
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Tuesday 18 September 2018 13:00-16:00
Utrecht, the Netherlands

Covenant of Mayors workshop / Burgemeestersconvenant workshop

Organised by the Covenant of Mayors Office - Europe
The main aim of the workshop is to discuss synergies between the Covenant of Mayors and existing national initiatives in the Netherlands. The workshop will also be the opportunity to discuss any needs Dutch signatories have with regards to the Covenant of Mayors initiative.
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From 19 to 21 September 2018
Umeå, Sweden

CIVITAS Annual Conference

The 16th edition of Europe’s premier sustainable mobility event will bring together the CIVITAS community from across the continent and beyond.
Over three days, hundreds of policymakers, city representatives, academics, and practitioners will gather to debate pressing topics surrounding sustainable urban mobility and witness the pioneering solutions bringing cleaner, better transport to Europe.
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Wednesday 19 September 2018 15:00-16:30
en ligne

Webinaire : Programmes d’aide au financement des échanges scolaires franco-allemands

Organisé dans le cadre du projet Tandem, coopération franco-allemande pour la transition énergétique
Les échanges scolaires sont une forme courante d’échanges dans le cadre de partenariats franco-allemands. Leur organisation nous confronte toujours à la question de leur financement.
Comment s’y retrouver dans la jungle des programmes disponibles ? Ce webinaire se propose de répondre à cette question en présentant les programmes de l’Office franco-allemand pour la Jeunesse et de l’Union européenne.
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From 20 to 21 September 2018
Dublin, Ireland

10th Citizens’ Energy Forum

organised by the European Commission in collaboration with the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), Ireland’s independent energy and water regulator.
The 2018 meeting will focus on the role of consumers on the energy market in the context of the measures proposed by the Clean Energy for all Europeans package and the recently adopted New Deal for Consumers package. It will also focus on presenting innovative solutions in the retail energy market in terms of consumer engagement and business models.
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From 21 to 23 September 2018
Paris, France

Low Carbon City Forum

It will include a number of panel discussions, talks, film projections, exhibitions, workshops for both children and adults, group meals, evening activities, and an eco-friendly market. The Low Carbon City Forum will offer everyone the chance to come together to imagine and subsequently build sustainable, people-centric cities. The event is free and open to all.
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From 25 to 27 September 2018
Helsinki, Finland

Global District Energy Days - ‘Unite | Innovate | Experience‘

Euroheat & Power and Finnish Energy have teamed up for the 2018 Global District Energy Days. During this two and half days event you will get the opportunity to discuss major issues of importance for European and Global District Energy sectors across a range of technical and commercial issues; from resource assessment and innovative technological design, to market and policy developments.

Mark your diaries and join this lively conference and be in the driver’s seat in discussing the next steps in DHC for tomorrow’s energy need! Don’t miss out and sign up for this event right now – participation is limited and exhibition and participation tickets are given away on a first come, first serve basis!

Tuesday 25 September 2018 11:00-12:30

Webinar - The road to bankability: Attract investors to your urban projects

Organised by Climate KIC
The sharing of experiences and information on project financing can contribute significantly in shaping and rethinking the various risks and issues implied by urban infrastructure development. The purpose is to present cases & best practices to municipalities seeking to attract funding for their climate actions.
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Tuesday 25 September 2018 16:00-17:00

Covenant of Mayors webinar: Planning a sustainable city through Carbon Budgets

Organised by the Covenant of Mayors- Europe Office
Oslo was the first city to introduce a “Climate budget” in 2016 for the year 2017, with the goal to halve their emissions as soon as possible after 2022. Eugene, Oregon is also working on carbon budgeting, and other cities such as London are considering this option as well. This webinar will give an insight of the possibilities open by carbon budgeting to plan a sustainable city.
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From 26 to 28 September 2018
Montmélian, France

Energie et territoires ruraux : vers des Territoires à Énergie POSitive

8ème rencontre nationale "Energie et Territoires ruraux", organisée par la Communauté de communes Coeur de Savoie, le CLER et la ville de Montmélian
Ces rencontres d’envergure nationale rassemblent chaque année des élus et des techniciens de collectivités locales, des professionnels du secteur de l’énergie, des chefs d’entreprise, des acteurs du monde agricole ; des partenaires institutionnels, des services de l’État, pour des conférences, débats et retours d’expériences sur le territoire national ou européen, des ateliers de travail et des visites de sites exemplaires.
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Wednesday 26 September 2018
Brussels, Belgium

Creating effective collaborative processes in sustainable energy

Organised as part of the ENLARGE H2020 project
The event will be the occasion to discuss the results of the project. ENLARGE, funded by the European research programme Horizon 2020, focused on the effectiveness, legitimacy, and institutional sustainability of collaborative processes in the field of sustainable energy. The project brought together over 70 participants from the enlarged Europe, who implemented real-life cases. We discussed their experiences, paying a particular attention to the factors that hindered or favoured their processes.
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Wednesday 26 September 2018 09:30-14:00
Budapest, Hungary

PUBLENEF workshop: Multi-level support for local authorities to improve energy efficiency

Local authorities, as local consumers and producers (‘prosumers’) of energy, as local policy makers and being closest to their citizens are (should be) in the position to lead the local sustainable energy transition. Energy efficiency (EE) is a cornerstone of sustainable energy policies as the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and relevant national regulation on nZEB (nearly zero energy buildings) requirements demonstrate.

This PUBLENEF workshop, organised by Energy Cities and Energiaklub, will aim at mapping of local authorities’ possibilities to deal with EE; means and needs of local authorities in energy efficiency, with special regard to nZEB buildings and renovation policies. Placed in a CEE regional context, this workshop seeks to share important supporting possibilities for public nZEB refurbishments.

More information and registration
Languages: Hungarian and English (with interpretation)

From 28 to 29 September 2018
Le Havre, France

LH Forum 2018

Forum des villes et des territoires positifs organisé par Positive Planet
L’ambition est de mettre en lumière les expériences menées dans les villes du monde entier et de rassembler tous les acteurs engagés pour une transition positive et durable des territoires. 5000 participants sont attendus, des maires et représentants de collectivités au grand public en passant par les dirigeants politiques et les chefs d’entreprise.
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Map of members
Vilvoorde Belgium | Wien Austria | Krizevci Croatia | Sustainable City Network (GR) Greece | CEDEF-Central European Development Forum (RS) Serbia
Events to come
GMF’s Brussels Forum
From 27 to 29 June

LIFE PlanUp webinar: Involving stakeholders and the public in national energy and climate planning - good practices from across Europe
Thursday 27 June 10:00-11:30

Webinar - Innovative financing through peer learning: Province of Girona’s experience in PROSPECT
Wednesday 3 July 10:30-11:30

17th European Week of Regions and Cities
From 7 to 10 October

Polis annual conference.
From 27 to 28 November

Smart and sustainable planning for cities and regions
From 9 to 13 December

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