Events in March 2018:

«March 2018»

From 6 to 8 March
Lille, France

Rencontres nationales de la participation

Cette année, les rencontres auront pour thème « l’innovation démocratique au service des territoires » l’occasion de réfléchir ensemble à la concertation, la participation citoyenne et le dialogue partie prenante sous plusieurs angles :
- Le terrain : Milieu rural ou urbain, site en reconversion ou à l’étranger… Quelles spécificités pour faire participer ?
- Les dispositifs et méthodes : Conseils citoyens, budgets participatifs, outils d’intelligence collective, réunion publique… Comment choisir, mettre en place et faire vivre ces procédés ?
- Les thèmes : Santé, transport, jeunesse, numérique, urbanisme, dialogue environnemental… Quels apports de la concertation dans ces domaines et inversement ?
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Wednesday 7 March
Brussels, Belgium

Social Fairness and Civil Society Participation in Europe’s Energy Transition

Organised by the European Economic and Social Committee
This event is part of the EESC’s initiative of the "European Energy Dialogue" that aims at fostering an open debate on Europe’s Energy Union of cross-cutting topics among stakeholders, policy-makers, and citizens from across Europe.
In November 2017, the European Commission released its third report on the State of the Energy Union. The Commission’s overall assessment of progress towards achieving the goals of the Energy Union is positive but it recognises that much still needs to be done. In particular, it promises 2018 to be a Year of Engagement, ensuring that citizens and civil society are mobilised and take full ownership of Europe’s energy transition. The EESC has previously highlighted a number of challenges in realising the Commission’s vision of putting the citizen at the heart of the Energy Union and the progress made in this respect.
This public hearing therefore pursues two overarching goals, namely to hear how civil society organisations and experts assess the State of the Energy Union and to explore opportunities to improve economic and political ownership of the Energy Union by citizens and civil society.
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Tuesday 13 March 10:00-11:00

Webinaire - Introduction aux réseaux de chaleur 4ème génération

Dans le cadre du projet Interreg HeatNet NWE et en collaboration avec CEREMA, Energy Cities vous invite à participer un webinaire sur les réseaux de chaleur 4ème génération.

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10:00 Introduction
Odile LEFRÈRE, CEREMA - Réseaux de chaleur de 4ème génération et HeatNet NWE
10:15 Partage d’expertise
Bruno LACARRIÈRE, IMT Atlantique - Smartgrid thermiques, quelles technologies pour quels avantages ?
Ludovic FAYEULLE, ville de Boulogne- s/Mer - Exemple de la transformation d’un quartier existant en quartier innovant via les réseaux de chaleur
10:45 : Échanges & questions

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Thursday 15 March 11:05-12:05
Tampere, Finland

Baltic Sea Region SUMP workshop in Tampere

organized by the European SUMPs-Up project in cooperation with the City of Tampere, MAL network and UBC Sustainable Cities Commission
The workshop facilitates discussion and exchange of experiences on different challenges and solutions within the field of sustainable urban mobility planning. It is targeted to experts and planners in local administrations and organization working with mobility issues in the Baltic Sea Region area. ONLY participants from this area can participate. The countries that are eligible are: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany.
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Events to come
EU Covenant of Mayors Ceremony
Thursday 22 February

Webinar - Home renovation in Europe: The User Perspective
Tuesday 27 February 11:00-12:30

Covenant of Mayors workshop at the Urban Future Global Conference - Unlocking the energy and climate transition in cities: What role for leadership?
Wednesday 28 February 11:00-12:30

Rencontres nationales de la participation
From 6 to 8 March

Social Fairness and Civil Society Participation in Europe’s Energy Transition
Wednesday 7 March

Webinaire - Introduction aux réseaux de chaleur 4ème génération
Tuesday 13 March 10:00-11:00

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