Events in June 2019:

«June 2019»

Wednesday 5 June 09:00-12:00
Lyon, France

Conférence principale du Forum International du logement social « Une planète pour demain »

Organisé par l’Union Sociale pour l’Habitat, Housing Europe et Grand Lyon Métropole.

Le Festival international du logement social 2019, organisé du 4 au 8 juin 2019 vise, à souligner l’importance de l’accès à un logement décent pour tous, dans le cadre d’une tradition d’habitat social, public et coopératif et à le rôle de l’habitat social dans la résolution des enjeux présents et à venir.

Dans ce cadre, la conférence principale de l’évènement est lors de cette édition intitulée « Une planète pour demain ». Elle aura pour objectif d’étudier les outils d’actions climatique offerts par le logement social. Elle adoptera une approché systémique avant d’illustrer la réflexion par des enjeux concrets de projets déjà réalisés.


From 9 to 12 June
Stockholm, Sweden

‘The Art of Public Transport’ - UITP Global Public Transport Summit

With almost 130 years of history behind it, the UITP Global Public Transport Summit proudly remains the world’s biggest event dedicated to sustainable mobility.
Covering all urban and regional transport modes across the globe, the Summit combines a diverse programme of leading Congress sessions and an outstanding Exhibition full of the latest innovations, solutions and products.
The theme for the 2019 Global Public Transport Summit is ‘The Art of Public Transport’.
Constantly evolving, public transport is defined by the needs of a city and designed by experts looking towards the future. We are all visionaries in this sector, as we build connections and provide services to create a culture that brings people together, through a craft that truly moves you: the Art of Public Transport.
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From 12 to 14 June
Bucharest, Romania

Making the energy transition happen locally

12th SET Plan Conference, co-organised by the European Commission, the Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the European Committee of the Regions, with the support of the Romanian Municipalities Association and the Romanian Ministry of Energy

The conference will focus strongly on the interaction of different stakeholders with local and regional authorities on the road towards a clean energy transition, especially:
- Strategies needed at local and regional level to scale-up and accelerate the renewable energy transition
- Currently available investment options to harness the potential of businesses and to create low-carbon innovative economies at the local and regional level
- Local challenges and solutions towards integration and coupling of different energy systems
- Concrete ways the SET Plan contributes to both fast-tracking the renovation rates of building stocks and to increase energy efficiency
- The pivotal role of local and regional authorities in the energy transition, from the integration of low-carbon and e-mobility solutions to the production and consumption of renewable energy

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From 13 to 15 June
Redon, France

REVE 2019 : Les rencontres européennes de l’énergie citoyenne

Evénement est co-organisé par les associations Énergies citoyennes en Pays de Vilaine, Énergie Partagée et le programme européen Interreg ECCO et soutenu par la communauté de communes Redon Agglo, l’ADEME et les région Bretagne et Pays de la Loire
Durant 3 jours, ces rencontres exploreront les multiples facettes et problématiques de l’aventure des projets de production d’énergie renouvelable citoyenne, lors d’ateliers pratiques, de visites de site de production, de conférences et de balades, dans une ambiance citoyenne et pédagogique.
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From 17 to 21 June
Brussels, Belgium

EU Sustainable Energy Week

- Policy Conference "Shaping Europe’s energy future": in Brussels from 18 to 20 June 2019
- Exchange of ideas at the Networking Village : European Commission’s Charlemagne building and the Residence Palace from 18 to 20 June 2019
- EU Sustainable Energy Awards: presented during the Policy Conference
- Energy Days: Organised throughout Europe by public and private organisations in May and June 2019,
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Monday 17 June
Brussels, Belgium

Covenant of Mayors training on project financing

Workshop organised by the Covenant of Mayors Office
This training session on project financing will bring together climate finance experts and local authorities, to exchange and discuss on the topic of innovative finance for climate mitigation and adaptation.
It mainly targets climate finance experts or municipal employees working on funding and financing and the project developers.
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Wednesday 19 June
Brussels (La Tricoterie, Fabrique de liens)

Capacity-building workshop - Providing energy retrofit packages to private homeowners – business models and project implementation

Organised by Energy Cities as part of the ACE-Retrofitting and INNOVATE projects
Come find the most adequate solutions for motivating and supporting homeowners and co-owners in their renovation projects. Partners will share their expertise, case studies and practical tools for setting up one-stop-shops providing integrated renovation services.
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Thursday 20 June 15:30-18:30

10 years of ELENA - Supporting investments in energy efficiency and sustainable transport

Organised by the European Investment Bank and the European Commission
2019 marks the 10th anniversary of ELENA, the European Local Energy Assistance. Established in 2009, the ELENA facility has awarded more than EUR 145 million of EU support triggering an estimated investment of around EUR 5 billion on the ground. Join our high-level speakers in the discussion on ELENA’s key achievements to date, what the facility can mean for you, and learn how the future implementation of local and regional projects is taking shape. All participants are cordially invited to join for a celebratory drink during the cocktail reception following the event.
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Friday 21 June 13:30-16:30
Brussels, Belgium

Designing smart and efficient energy policies with citizens

Workshop organised by Lille European Metropolis
This session proposes to present diverse local and European projects : AMELIO by Lille Metropole, AREA21 by HafenCity University Hamburg, and STARDUST by Trento City. All are using new methods to face the difficulties that cities have in designing local energy retrofitting services. New participatory methods are used to make sure programs are in line with people’s actual needs and fight difficulties to involve stakeholders and consumers through traditional participatory methods.
The focus will be set on the co-creation of these policies and the session will also therefore touch upon governance questions. Discussion and workshops will be moderated by Greenovate Europe!.
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From 25 to 26 June
Région de Lille

Rénovation énergétique des bâtiments et ensembles d’immeubles - Voyage d’étude, région de Lille

Organisé dans le cadre du projet TANDEM - partenariats franco-allemands pour la protection du climat - et en coopération avec la Plateforme énergétique franco-allemande

Le voyage s’adresse aux représentants de communes françaises et allemandes.

• Visite du premier immeuble français ayant bénéficié d’une rénovation selon l’approche „EnergieSprong“.
• Visite d’une entreprise produisant des éléments de rénovation préfabriqués,
• Échange avec des représentants de la Ville de Lille et de la Métropole européenne de Lille
• Ainsi que d’autres projets passionnants sur le thème de la rénovation des bâtiments

Pour plus d’information, contactez Bénédicte Weber ou Peter Schilken

From 27 to 29 June
Brussels, Belgium

GMF’s Brussels Forum

GMF’s Brussels Forum is an annual high-level meeting of the most influential North American and European political, corporate, and intellectual leaders to address pressing challenges currently facing both sides of the Atlantic. Participants include heads of state, senior officials from the European Union institutions and the member states, U.S. cabinet officials, U.S. congressional representatives, parliamentarians, academics, and media.
With the participation of Eckart Würzner, President of Energy Cities
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Thursday 27 June 10:00-11:30

LIFE PlanUp webinar: Involving stakeholders and the public in national energy and climate planning - good practices from across Europe

Organised by Energy Cities as part of the LIFE PlanUp project

Under the EU Energy Union Governance regulation, EU Member States are currently preparing their integrated 2030 national energy and climate plans (NECPs), in which they are outlining their contribution to achieve the collective European targets. The NECPs are considered to be a critical instrument in driving forward Europe’s energy and climate transition. EU countries are required to involve local and regional authorities and civil society organizations, as well as the public, in the development and the implementation of these plans.

The LIFE PlanUp project seeks to facilitate public and stakeholder involvement in the design and delivery of the NECPs, by improving the coordination and cooperation between local authorities, NGOs and national policymakers.
This webinar aims to provide an outlook into different participatory methods on how to ensure public involvement and participation in national energy and climate planning. Good examples from across Europe will be presented by speakers from Estonia, Ireland and Luxembourg, which are drawn from the upcoming LIFE PlanUp project publication “Report on Good Practices in Energy and Climate Governance”. A representative from the Energy-Directorate of the European Commission will also provide an overview on the state of play of public participation in the draft NECPs.

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Map of members
Vilvoorde Belgium | Wien Austria | Krizevci Croatia | Sustainable City Network (GR) Greece | CEDEF-Central European Development Forum (RS) Serbia
Events to come
Capacity-building workshop - Providing energy retrofit packages to private homeowners – business models and project implementation
Wednesday 19 June

10 years of ELENA - Supporting investments in energy efficiency and sustainable transport
Thursday 20 June 15:30-18:30

Designing smart and efficient energy policies with citizens
Friday 21 June 13:30-16:30

Rénovation énergétique des bâtiments et ensembles d’immeubles - Voyage d’étude, région de Lille
From 25 to 26 June

GMF’s Brussels Forum
From 27 to 29 June

LIFE PlanUp webinar: Involving stakeholders and the public in national energy and climate planning - good practices from across Europe
Thursday 27 June 10:00-11:30

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