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Jeudi 4 mai 10:00-11:30

EEW3 Webinar : Energy Efficiency Recommendations - Focus on Financing

Organised by Energy Cities & FEDARENE as part of the Energy Efficiency Watch 3 project
In this upcoming webinar, speakers will present EEW policy recommendations based on screening of national energy policies, with a special focus on financing building renovation.
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Mercredi 10 mai 09:00-12:00
Zagreb, Croatia

EEW3 at Zagreb Energy Week : EEW3 at Zagreb Energy Week : Smart energy solutions for sustainable development

Organised by Energy Cities as part of the Energy Efficiency WAtch 3 (EEW3) project
Zagreb Energy Week will host a panel discussion on energy efficiency, supported by the Energy Efficiency Watch project. Targeting mostly local experts on energy efficiency and local authorities, experts will discuss the state of Croatian energy efficiency policies with a special focus on financing the refurbishment of residential and public buildings and the smart use of available EU funds. Energy Cities will contribute to the discussions presenting the Croatian Energy Efficiency Watch country report, providing local expert feedback gathered in the framework of the EEW3 project.
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Contact : Kristina.Dely@energy-cities.eu

Du 11 au 12 mai
Brussels, Belgium

DecarbHeat 2017 : Acting together to decarbonise Europe

Organised by the European Heat Pump Association, the #DecarbHeat initiative aims at bringing together the major players of the heating and cooling industry and other major stakeholders.
Together we can make the vision of a 100% decarbonised European heating and cooling system a reality. The initiative consists of a DecarbHeat IndustryPledge and the DecarbHeat Declaration of Support.

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Du 14 au 17 mai
Glasgow, United Kingdom

38th Euroheat & Power Congress

Our future depends on the choices we make today !
Heating and Cooling are together the largest single source of energy demand in Europe, and this demand is currently met largely by fossil fuels.
Choosing District Energy means saying NO to spending on imported fossil fuels, and YES to investing in efficiency infrastructure and renewable energy at the heart of our communities. Policy-makers at EU, national and local level are beginning to embrace this reality, with encouraging consequences for network operators, cities and citizens !

This congress and exhibition will offer active participation by providing an excellent programme with speakers from different levels of governance and stakeholders. It provides a platform to discuss major issues of importance for European and Global District Energy sectors across a range of technical and commercial issues ; from resource assessment and innovative technological design, to market and policy developments.

For more information :
Silke Schlinnertz or Pauline Benoit | events@euroheat.org | +32 (0)2 740 21 20

Du 17 au 19 mai
Vancouver, Canada

Global Learning Forum

Conference organized by Renewable Cities
Building on the international momentum towards cities powered by 100% renewable energy, Renewable Cities is calling on local governments, forward-thinking companies and energy providers, and leading NGOs and researchers to join us from May 17-19 in Vancouver for Global Learning Forum 2017.
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Evénements à venir
A European energy system in 3D ? Rethinking the EU’s energy and climate policies
Mercredi 26 avril 12:30-15:00

EEW3 Webinar : Energy Efficiency Recommendations - Focus on Financing
Jeudi 4 mai 10:00-11:30

EEW3 at Zagreb Energy Week : EEW3 at Zagreb Energy Week : Smart energy solutions for sustainable development
Mercredi 10 mai 09:00-12:00

DecarbHeat 2017 : Acting together to decarbonise Europe
Du 11 au 12 mai

38th Euroheat & Power Congress
Du 14 au 17 mai

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