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  Monthly newsletter n°270 - March 2019  
    Policy brief: Make the EU Greta'gain

Claire Roumet, executive director of Energy Cities As spring is coming closer, you can still hear the sound of the youth protesting in the streets, waiting for us to take action, forcing us to face our own inconsistencies between the rhetoric and actual changes in society. I thought it was (...)

PROSPECT H2020 : deadline extended to 15 March!
Free and certifying: last chance to join our P2P learning activities on innovative financing for your local energy and climate actions! You can apply (...)


Our demands to future EU leaders - out now !
The Energy Cities European Election manifesto is now out! The manifesto is directed at incoming MEPs for the European Elections at the end of May, 2019. (...)


2018 Activities Report is out now
2018 will go down as a foundational year in delivering a local energy transition. Here at Energy Cities we’ve been working to strengthen the role of (...)


Solar panel rental: Lorient offers an innovative financing model
The City of Lorient and Oncimé have achieved great success with a ground-breaking solar panel rental system. Oncimé is a joint-stock company, with more than (...)


Climate change is everyone’s business!
Climate change is not news…we have known since the ‘80s and our governments have been discussing it for a very long time. But despite the Kyoto protocol in (...)


The city of Bottrop is transitioning from a coal and steel city into an innovation hub
LESSONS LEARNT December 21st, 2018, Bottrop, Germany: An era comes to an end, with the extraction of the last piece of coal from the Prosper coal mine – (...)

Energy Cities
blog 17 April 2019
Innovating financing : 5 handbooks to help cities improve energy performance

blog 15 April 2019
Policy brief: "Duty of care"

blog 12 April 2019
Remunicipalisation: yes you can!

blog 5 April 2019
Do you want to divest from fossil fuels ? This publication will help you!

blog 4 April 2019
Frankfurt: A web platform to support citizens in condominium energy renovation throughout Germany

blog 1er avril 2019
Come and join your peers in Heidelberg at our Annual Conference 2019!

blog 1 April 2019
Greta Thunberg appointed environmental spokesperson for the Trump administration

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