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  Energy Cities at COP24
3 December 2018 - 14:50, by Sara Giovannini | 304 visits
The United Nations Climate Change Conference starts today! Our Vice President Peter Marland, Mayor of Milton Keynes will represent us in Katowice, but other Energy Cities members will also be there to showcase cities’ efforts to tackle climate change.
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  Personalised service to boost energy retrofits in private housing: a UK best practice
30 November 2018 - 17:09, by Floriane Cappelletti | 301 visits
In the UK, Parity projects provides homeowners with personalised service for their energy retrofitting projects.
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  Transatlantic city exchange on energy democracy : citizens should not be in the background - We tell you everything !
30 novembre 2018 - 14:29, par Ian Turner | 402 visits
, 30 novembre 2018 - 14:29, par Miriam Eisermann | 402 visits
The energy transition in a global economy can only be successful if individuals change. And individuals change when encouraged and the right incentives are provided through collective action. If city administrations are to reach climate and energy objectives they are well aware that they have to involve civil society. But this is (...)
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  4 takeaways from the European Commission’s 2050 vision for a climate-neutral Europe
28 November 2018 - 18:10, by David Donnerer | 489 visits
The EU executive has outlined today its bold vision for making Europe climate-neutral by 2050. The Commission’s landmark strategy aims to make the EU compatible with the goals of the Paris Agreement, and catalyze a profound societal and economic transformation.
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  Financing home retrofits - How to set up all-in-one energy efficiency service packages
27 November 2018 - 15:10, by Floriane Cappelletti | 319 visits
Climate policy consultancy Energies Demain has developed an "Inventory of best practices" for setting up an integrated energy efficiency service package, including access to long-term financing for homeowners.
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  Micro-Depots and Logistic Trams : Great Solutions to Reduce Traffic and improve Air Quality in Frankfurt
26 novembre 2018 - 16:47, par Tatjana Veith | 415 visits
Every day, all kinds of materials and goods enter the city. Those flows of materials and goods, e.g. Urban Freight transport (UFT), are of growing concern. According to a study, UFT accounts for about 20%-30% of vehicle kilometres and generates up to 50% of air pollution in the (...)
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  Transition cities: there is life after coal!
13 November 2018 - 16:55, by Sara Giovannini | 573 visits
Energy transition in coal mining regions is not a new issue, but lately, it has come up often in my newsfeed. I am sure you have heard about the protests against the expansion of a coal mine in the ancient Hambach Forest in Germany. Articles and declarations on the possible consequences of the energy transition on urban environment, (...)
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  Policy brief: Retrofutur, a counter-history of energy innovations
6 November 2018 - 09:42, by Claire Roumet | 674 visits
Claire Roumet, Executive director of Energy Cities
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